Top Digital Trends To Look Out For In 2014

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As technology continues to develop, many E-commerce trends have emerged over the past couple of years and 2014 will be no different, especially as some are more prominent than others – the role that mobile devices play is a prime example.

Mobile devices take Centre Stage

Smartphone sales increased considerably in 2013 and 2014 is set to be a record year as more people than ever before are expected to own iPhones, iPad’s and other handheld devices. Black Friday in 2013 showed a huge movement in online shopping. In fact, 40% of the total sales on Black Friday were done on mobile devices. Small and medium sized businesses should expect to change their websites so that their products and services can be accessed on mobile devices. If not, their profit margins will be severely affected.

Online Shopping

Online shoppers don’t want to browse as much as they have done in previous years. Guided discovery is expected to be a massive digital trend in 2014 because online customers should be informed about items which they can buy. In order to achieve guided discovery, the data which has previously been collected must be analysed so that it is easier for online shoppers to buy what they want.

Unique Products

As expendable income continues to be squeezed around the world, consumers want to own unique products that have been tailor-made. Brands should expect for their items and services to be totally adaptable. By making their products distinct and adhering to what consumers want, return business is highly likely and positive word of mouth will spread.


Mobile devices are able to connect to the internet much faster than ever before. Video will play a central role in Ecommerce in 2014, especially as products will be promoted in other ways than through concrete text. Many brands are expected to create enticing videos that are shorter than traditional TV advertisements, therefore making their products even more noticeable.

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