Top SEO Trends You Should Be Following in 2020 For Earning Leads

Top SEO Trends You Should Be Following in 2020 For Earning Leads

Top SEO Trends You Should Be Following in 2020 For Earning Leads

SEO is a vital digital marketing tool that can unleash the complete potential and the power of your whole social media marketing and PPC campaign if applied the right way. Some people take it the orthodox way and keep practising the same SEO methods until they have fully consumed them, whereas a constant updating is crucial in SEO. If you own online business and have a knack for SEO then the following trends are a must for you to keep your eyes on in 2020;


  1. Keep Your SEO User-Focused:

BERT was an algorithm introduced by Google in 2019, and it stirred a lot of buzz among Digital marketers. Every SEO specialist started to get the hang of the algorithm and designed BERT supporting campaigns. However, content is still the king of the SEO game. Recognising user access points, crawling, indexing and designing user-interactive content will be the hit for businesses in 2020. A truly user interest depicting content will be a game-changer in 2020 for SEO campaigns.


  1. Content, Content and CONTENT:

There can never be enough stress on this one single core value of any SEO, and that is Content. Good quality, engaging and enticing content is everything your online website truly needs. Content controls the whole SEO in literal means. Content well incorporated with long and short tail unique keywords can quickly earn the brownie points for your business in 2020.


  1. Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness:

Google is raving about E A T nowadays. It is all set out to support official websites and the people publishing on behalf of businesses online. Businesses with genuine reviews, quality web services will receive more organic visibility on the search engine, which means bad news for low budget and poor performing business.


  1. Focus on UX:

Create a UX experience that is more user-focused and interactive. Google grades UX as a major part of technical SEO It involves the complete process of creating engaging SERPs, interactive and fast loading web pages and clutter-free content on the website. Technical SEO incorporated with UX revolves mostly around website speed and web page loading, it will continue to remain the primary focus in 2020.


  1. Never Forget The Mobile Aspect:

Mobile SEO has been thrashing the digital world ever since its conception. Why? Because everything is now mobile-friendly. More than 60% of the online users access websites through their mobile phones so mobile-specific SEO will be a hot trend in 2020. Digital experts say that in 2020 the developers should build their websites for mobile-first and then for other operating systems. Mobile insights, mobile SERPS will be a highlight for 2020 SEO trends.

Other major trends for 2020 include focusing more on link building than the blue links, keeping track of user insights, working with structured data, improving organic visibility and much more. 2020 is all about breaking the SEO stereotypes and exploring the unexplored. If you are intent on treading on an adventurous SEO journey, you must seek the guidance of an expert for you and your business.

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