Unleash Your Brand Productivity By Using Google User Analytics Data

Put The Google User Analytics Data To The Right Use Today!

Put The Google User Analytics Data To The Right Use Today!


Online conversions and sales stir a great deal of interest among online brands owners and website masters. Attaining a maximum number of online conversions is one endless journey that every online business holder embarks upon in order to unfold the secret recipe of success. Conversions are purely controlled by the audience that visits your website, and the tricky part is you cannot force anyone to buy off your website unless you know how to.

Yes! It is possible, and it is by learning the behaviour of your audience/traffic and design customised SEO and marketing campaigns. Google generated user analytics data holds an unimaginable amount of potential that can be harnessed to produce sales for your online business and this is how you can do it;


  1. Understand Why Your Audience Bounce Back:

Bounce rate is one of the most crucial metrics that are presented by your audience metrics, and it is equally crucial to understand why does your audience go back just after visiting one page of your website. Bounce rate could be very hard to handle as the reasons behind it are widespread and are vague. Some of the most common reasons why your website must be having a high bounce rate are;

I- Slow Loading Website: Website speed is one of the most commonly reported problems by people which makes them leave a website.

II- Mobile Unfriendly Website Interface: More than 60% of people around the world access websites via mobile phones now, so if your website does not have a fast loading, mobile-friendly interactive interface chances are this 60% of the audience will not go beyond the first page of your website.

III- Wrong Keywords: If you have an inexperienced SEO expert or a poorly chosen list of keywords, your website will never reach the right audience and hence high bounce back rate for your website!

IV- Unimpressive Content: A non-engaging, non-interactive content is one that puts off the audience instantly!

Unleash Your Brand Productivity By Using Google User Analytics Data

Unleash Your Brand Productivity By Using Google User Analytics Data

  1. Make Your Website Worthwhile for First Timers and Returners:

The audience which visits your website for the first time tends to have a different experience than the ones who have returned on your website. Ensure to create a different experience for these audience types. The first-timers want to convert into sales, and the returners are usually already converted and want to explore other pages of your website. First-timers should know what your business is about, how to navigate it, and what services your business is offering. The second-timers can have a prompt call to actions, signing up to newsletters and more.


  1. Make Accessible Landing Pages For Your referral Audience:

It is very essential that the audience which is landing on your website via referrals from an advertisement, influencer’s website, blog or social media should reach the same page they have seen in the referral. It makes the conversion personalised, precise and most likely to happen. Dynamic landing pages are one of the most effective ways to achieve this.


  1. Create Focused Website Experiences:

You can dig the most valuable human behaviour data of your target audience from an internal site search feature of your website. This feature tells you how does your target audience navigate on your website and what services they are most interested in. This data allows you to design customised and focused marketing strategies to increase your conversion rates.


  1. Feedback Is Your Best Friend:

Your audience exit reports provide great insight on what part of your campaigns performed the best, what needs improvement, and why the audience has bounced back. Bounce rate is the major reason why your website insights are your best friend. This allows you to understand why your website has low conversions.

Sales conversions are very important for the sustainability of your online business, and if it is not well handled by the right people, it is likely that your business can crash. For this ADEO, a digital marketing agency Glasgow, London, is always at your service. We offer SEO expert and PPC Glasgow, London services that are bound to produce productive results. We design customised campaigns that best suit your business interest so your sales conversion soars up the sky.

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