how to use Pinterest for Keyword research? Pinterest is the New Google for Keyword Research.

Pinterest is the New Google for Keyword Research.

Do you want to know how to use Pinterest for Keyword research? Then keep reading:

These days, marketers who are trying to sell their products cannot afford to ignore Pinterest. Pinterest is a social bookmarking platform that is quickly competing with Google as it races fast as the number one visual search engine.

The good news for marketers about Pinterest is that unlike Google, Pinterest users are not just idle searchers. Those who visit Pinterest have a mission, and that is to search for things and to buy those things.

If marketers understand the highest potential keywords on Pinterest, it will help them in reaching the high-spending, shopping-minded customers that are most valuable to business. Marketers can now take advantage of Pinterest since it has many ways of supporting their keyword search for free right on the platform. The following is a guide on how to approach the keyword research on Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest for Keyword research?

Explore Different Topics.

The first step to take is easy since Pinterest have organised the contents into popular categories, and for any user, this is easy to explore. There are even specific details about how popular each category and subcategory is.

Pinterest 2


To see the list of categories, you can find it to the right of the Pinterest search box. Every category page on Pinterest has a list of the most commonly related topics and labels these as subcategories. You can click through the categories and subcategories so you can see the most popular topics that are related to your category.

In the subtopics, you can also see the number of followers. Think of the topics as keyword groups. To know if the group is worthwhile pursuing, you can look at how many people are following a certain topic. You can explore Pinterest in this manner. You can click through related topics and see how many more people are following that group and discover more related subcategories along the way.

You can keep a list of topic groups and their corresponding number of followers. Having this list will help you as a starting point for discovering keyword phrases.

Use the Quick Search.

Pinterest 3

Type any topic you have in mind into the Pinterest search box. Just like in Google, you will see a suggestion in the drop down of the most popular phrases that relate to these keywords.

Along with the search results, you will also get to see the popular pinners and boards with the same keyword. You can play with the topics and keyword phrases so that you can learn the kind of language people, are using when the search for that topic.


Use the Guided Search.Pinterest 4

You can begin by clicking search on one of the keywords in the search box. Below the search box, “Guides” will appear. The words that will appear are those that most commonly relates to the word you are searching. You can scroll these from right to left.

In the same way with the topics, you can click on the Guided keywords so you can see more related keywords. After clicking a keyword guide, that keyword will be among your search term. There will be a new list of phrases or words that will appear. Those are the commonly associated words with those two terms.

You can use this as you continue to discover topics and find the best keyword combinations and the most apt phrases that you can target for a particular topic.

To do this, you can drag the cursor over the words, moving to the right and selecting all the keywords. These keywords can be saved in a document so you can keep track of your keywords. You can also observe the overlaps when you will try different combinations and a variety of topics.

Research Using Promoted Pins.

Pinterest 5

Just like researching keywords on Adwords or Facebook Ads, the Pinterest Promoted Pins Ad platform is available for you to look for popular keywords and long tail phrases.

In Pinterest, you can learn about getting a Business Account. After making the account, have it verified. When all ready, you can have access to the Ad creation tool. Link to “Ads” can be found on your toolbar. That is on the left of your search box.

To create a new ad from an existing Pin, just click the “+” sign.  After selecting a campaign goal, you can create a name and target time and also the cost for your campaign. Once you have completed your research, you do not necessarily need to follow through with this.

The next step is when you see the “Terms” box, enter a keyword and just like quick search, you will see suggested phrases under the search box.

After you finishing your research, you can select and then copy the phrases at the bottom of the search box and save it in a document.



Many opportunities await the marketers who can take the time to learn the most valuable keywords on Pinterest. You can start off by using the keywords to redesign your Pinterest profile. With these keywords in mind, you can create new boards. You can then add the keywords to the board descriptions and also your profile name as well as the profile description.

After all these, you can start creating blog posts with the keywords in mind. Don’t forget to use the keywords in your headlines as tags for photos and also in your text.

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