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Beaufort Securities is a traditional stockbroker incorporated nearly a quarter of a century ago. Over the last two decades it has established itself as one of the UK’s leading independent private client investment houses. Over the years the company has won many prestigious awards for its traditional advisory stockbroking and online share dealing services.

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Adeo Case Study

The Challenge

There were two main challenges to be addressed in developing this website; the first being that so many trading companies have sprung up over the last five years. Nowadays you can even do basic trading on mobile apps, so we had to reinforce the message that Beaufort is a serious player in this market space and reinforce the history of the company.

The second part was technical; how would we handle the volumes of traffic effectively? Knowing they have a database of over 120,000 subscribers to their daily newsletter, we had to make sure visitors get a great fast experience. To add to the challenge, the site has real time stock updates, all fed in via APIs, so the volume of data that the server is processing is huge and making this run quickly is complex, even more so when faced with a flood of users accessing the website every morning when the mailer goes out.

Adeo Insights


We knew the key to delivering an engaging website lay with taking the stats and numbers and visualising them in a streamlined and accessible way.

People who decide to invest, like to have an idea of who is doing the trading for them, they should feel that they are engaging with a company that is trustworthy and not going to take their money and disappear.

Our Solution

We had to present the story of Beaufort to potential investors, elevating the brand, positioning it to stand a head above some of the big players out there, and most importantly, ensuring it strongly portrayed that all important credibility.

We created a whole new design to spotlight these points, giving the customers a forum to engage on the website and in turn a reassurance that they were dealing with a quality business, effectively eliminating potential concerns around the question “Is my money safe?”


We have worked with Beaufort Securities for several years, previously HB Markets who sold to Beaufort in 2015.

The trading/investments sector has been an interesting one to be involved in and really it has been highly successful, over the last five years we have seen a big shift to investors moving online.

The growth of the Beaufort website has been impressive and has attracted a lot of new visitors and a big increase in client investors for the firm.

The site sees more than 12,000 users a month with all the activity happening Monday through to Friday during the trading day. All this is done with response times for loading the site in an average of 2.26 secs a page for the user while they access masses of stock data through APIs.

All this is highly important so it can be accessible on mobile through to desktop devices.


Adeo Insights

monthly visits

Adeo Insights

increase in new leads

Adeo Insights
2.26 sec

average page load time

What Our Client Says

Having worked with Adeo since 2012, we have built a great relationship and fantastic website that really delivers what we need.

Through the time we have had challenges with a number of things as any website encounters, but Adeo have the technical know-how to rectify these issues and their support and assistance for dealing with us has been second to none.

Moving forward as our business evolves to keep up with the digital landscape, I’m confident they will continue to develop and grow with us with modern thinking and execution.

Craig Harrison – Head of Marketing

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Nothing seemed to be a problem for Adeo and the team we work with are always supportive and swift to respond to any requests.

- Scott McEwan, Chief Executive, Boston Networks

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