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Eden Mill is a unique distillery and brewery based on a single site just a couple of miles west of the famous home of golf at St Andrews, their culture is deep-rooted in a glorious distilling and brewing history. They revived distilling at this iconic location from where the Haig family made spirits and beer during the 19th century.

For their discerning customers and those just interested in how they do what they do, they offer a genuine choice of exciting new whisky expressions from new make spirit. They make just 100,000 litres per year, ensuring 100% focus goes onto every single drop. The Eden Mill story continues with the recently launched Art of the Blend whisky range. This comes after patiently waiting for new spirit to mature in specially selected casks. Launched on St Andrews day 2016, the first bottles became ready for sale in January 2017.

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Adeo Case Study

The Challenge

We had to find a balance for visitors to not only discover the brand, but take them on a journey through the history of the products and to finally purchase. The next steps were focused around the customer experience and delivering an all immersive product journey with detailed information around the products and images that tantalised the taste buds.

Working with a craft distillery really gave us focus to show the amount of effort they put into producing their product range and we really wanted to show that off through a visual journey for customers on the website.

Working with the management team and following brand guidelines we had to not only tick the boxes from this element, but also to technically deliver this in a way that works for ecommerce and web.

From the many meetings, it became apparent that the words to describe them were about passion, high quality, striving for excellence and being the best they could be.

We had to make sure the website met all of the above.

Adeo Insights


Looking at the typical customer base was crucial for the designs. They have a diverse range of customer needs from the discovery of the brand, tours of the distillery to the actual product ranges they sell.

The brand founding may have come from the quality of the products they were producing, but customer loyalty is gained through their values. Humans engage with the story behind the brand and that’s what people embrace.

Our Solution

The investigation stage played a big part in choosing the right solution, working with the management team we really worked out the personas of the visitors and feedback from customers, then looked at what they might be looking for, looking at a whole load of competitor brands and how they were positioning themselves, then working through all that information with the management team to start the wire frames and move on to the designs.

Landing pages were going to be key to generate sales, but tours featured heavily and looking at the customer journey for this while maintaining their values presented some challenges which we embraced.

We had some time critical parts as they were sponsoring events through summer and more importantly the had a number of seasonal products that they were launching. On top of this one of the busiest times of year was approaching and we needed a good run in before Christmas sales started as with any new launch we like to asses the website and optimise it to gain maximum conversions for their highest seasonal purchase times of the year.

In this day and age and with all the issues of ransomware and security problems, using our bespoke Redback solution has allowed them to have a flexible, secure platform over other open source CMS systems on the market. Unlike many open source solutions available there are no plugins to update or security loophole to patch.


Some key stats since its launch in June until September compared to June- Sept 2016









Adeo Insights

Increase in Tour Bookings

Adeo Insights

Increase in revenue

Adeo Insights

Reduction in bounce rate

What Our Client Says

Eden Mill has experienced rapid growth in the last 5 years within the UK gin, beer and whisky market. With such rapid growth, comes many obstacles that we face on a daily basis in order to keep up with our customer’s demands, needs, and wants.

After a very successful 2016, we realised the potential of our online store, and the financial impact it could have on our business. The website we had at that time was not fit for purpose, and what we needed was a fully functioning e-commerce site, that was web and mobile optimised.

We had contacted ADEO with a brief of what we needed and outlined our key objectives for our new website. After several meetings and skype calls we agreed on the wireframes and development that suited our needs.

ADEO really understood our brand and the importance of balance between an e-commerce site and a website that could educate our customers about our company and our many products. They also know a thing or two about designing and developing a great site which is easy for customers to shop.

Since the launch of our site, we have seen our trustpilot score increase from great to excellent, with the majority commenting on how easy the site is to use. We have also seen an increase in our ecom conversion rate, and increase in sales.

I would definitely recommend Adeo for a high quality and professional service, and for those looking to really take their website to the next level.

Conor Graham – Ecommerce Manager

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I would definitely recommend Adeo for a high quality and professional service, and for those looking to really take their website to the next level!

- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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