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Refresh Dental is a brand new, state of the art dental practice in the heart of Twickenham, London.

They have created a specialist team and have been working hard to create what they believe is a unique, relaxing and inviting environment. A fresh approach to dentistry!

The team has been carefully chosen to reflect their values and to provide you with a caring and personal service.

Their modern and clean interior reflects our focus on high quality, cutting edge technology and patient comfort, catering for the whole family.

They offer a range of modern dentistry from teeth whitening to facial aesthetics and for any anxious patients they offer a range of special techniques to help reduce dental fear.

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Our Roles


Web & Mobile Development

Social Selling

Paid Advertising via Google PPC

Conversion Optimisation

Landing page creation


Vinyl Window Graphics

Brochure Design

Adeo Case Study

The Challenge

How do you make a dental surgery stand out from the rest, what’s the key differences that a patient will choose Refresh over another dentist? With a crowded market in a suburb of London we had our work cut out not only to build a brand from scratch, but then get the visibility of a new surgery opening and in a relatively tight timescale based on when the surgery was due to open.

Adeo Insights


The focus is always on the client’s goals and what needs to be achieved to deliver a successful project. We identified early on the ideal patient enquiry, the profitable work and the case work they specialised in and that would set them apart over the more well established dental practices in the area.

Once this was determined we moved our focus to the potential patients.

What were the key demographics locally, and what would appeal to them? Who would be the patients likely to use their higher value and specialist treatments?

Once the ideal personas were profiled we set out the site & marketing strategy in a manner that would appeal to each of those key demographics.

We wanted to create a buzz locally around the launch of this new modern practice and we focused on social media as the best most cost effective route to market.

Showcasing the range of services, the new modern fresh brand & promoting the USP of the practice over more well established surgeries in the area.

Our Solution

The team at Refresh wanting to bring this fresh approach to dentistry so starting with the brand we spent some time developing this along with looking at how this may look throughout all the marketing material and corporate communications.

We then started to work on the window vinyl’s, the brochure and all other printed material so this was ready for surgery launch.

The next stage was to build an inviting website for visitors, while the site was in progress of design and build we built a holding page, added all the social media channels and started to promote the business to build up lists that could be marketed to following the launch the following month.

We developed the site in WordPress, the focus here was to try stay away from stock photography as much as possible, because we wanted to give visitors a real feel of personality when they visited the site and upon launch of the new site we then followed up on marketing campaigns to drive new visitors and patient enquiries from day one.

As with any site, we focus on delivering a website that has calls to action on whatever device you view it on and with a great focus on the mobile platform we tailor the landing pages and the marketing campaigns to achieve the best results.

Finally, we built bespoke marketing campaigns, researching the market to work out the exact types of customers to advertise to on social and paid google advertising, then creating landing pages to drive in new patient enquiries.


Since the launch in March 2017 we have generated more than 1000 patient enquiries in the first month through the website and marketing campaigns.

They already have a strong brand in the local area and with a small budget for marketing to drive new patients we have generated a low cost per accusation on average of £12 per lead


Adeo Insights

patient enquiries within the first month

Adeo Insights

low cost cost per lead

What Our Client Says

Mide Ojo – Principle Dentist / Founder

See For Yourself...

Visit the Refresh Dental website by clicking the button below, or get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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Nothing seemed to be a problem for Adeo and the team we work with are always supportive and swift to respond to any requests.

- Scott McEwan, Chief Executive, Boston Networks

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