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Synergy Salon Supplies provide quality products exclusively to hairdressing and beauty professionals.  With over 25 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, they are committed to helping independent salons grow their business. Synergy have built a community of inspired, creative experts to share ideas and overcome challenges to keep ahead of competition with new trends and innovation.

With two branches in Aberdeen and Perth, they stock over 7,500 products from industry leading brands. The team host workshops and courses across Scotland to build skills and experience for hairdressers and beauticians alike.

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Our Roles

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Audience Building

Advert Design

Website Development

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Adeo Case Study

The Challenge

The company became stockists for the Italian haircare brand Fanola. They were looking to increase awareness on the new products to interested salons across the UK by showcasing the results gained by using Fanola No Yellow Shampoo.
The main goal was pushing traffic from their social media pages to increase revenue on their website, especially of Fanola products and secondly increase its reach to new customers.

Adeo Insights


As the audience for Synergy is highly creative, it was paramount that we select visual images to grab attention.

The hair and beauty industry is predominantly a younger market. Our tone and deliverance were crucial factors when designing the adverts for sociable selling.

Our Solution

Measuring & Monitoring is key to success.

Firstly, we analysed the current content on the social channels, looking at what was working for the client and the hair and beauty industry as a whole. Custom audiences were created based on analysis of the current buyers.


Google Tags / Facebook Pixels.

We added unique pieces of code to the site to track conversions and monitor the activity of the users. This also presents cookies to the visitor’s device to enable remarketing, event tracking, how long people interacted with the site, whether they are potential buyers and not just browsers.


Social Media Advertising

Several images were collected and post captions tested for an optimum and converting advert based on current trends. We then created a highly visual carousel advert to showcase the new product.  This advert was displayed on Facebook targeted to a refined audience and to previous webpage visitors to keep the products front of mind.

A budget was set and the advert scheduled to appear twice during a three-week period.


We compared figures like for like on the previous period before the campaign. By setting comparison values you can assess any marketing campaigns and growth compared to previous efforts.
With a set spend, we gained almost 25,000 impressions and 500 clicks through to the website. This resulted in over 15 direct sales tracked via Facebook with a total revenue over £3000. [A further 34 purchases were tracked to have occurred by visitors who had previously clicked through our Facebook advert.]
As shown, with the social advertising campaign we increased sales transactions acquired via Facebook dramatically. Our main target of revenue has also increased by over 1000%. In relation to their initial investment for this campaign we recorded an ROAS of an incredible 3390%!
We saw a 95% increase in uptake of Fanola products during our campaign run. It was also the highest selling product bringing in a total revenue of over £3000.


Adeo Insights

Increase in Revenue

Adeo Insights


Adeo Insights

Increase in Social Aquisition

See For Yourself...

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- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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