What are the benefits of Sage Integration?

shutterstock_111469742Adeo Group can assist your business by incorporating Sage Application Integration Server or AIS into your company’s web based, accounting or ERP applications. As part of the deal, Sage 200 Suite, a standardised integration adapter, is provided for Sage CRM or any other Sage application. If you have never heard of AIS before, it is one of the leading integration technologies that was developed to cater to the needs of clients who are looking for the back office or front office integration. What makes Sage 200 different from the other technologies?

What are the main advantages of Using Sage Integration for Your Business?

Providing you with a single system view of your customers, the benefits of Sage integration include better flexibility for administering client accounts and responding fast to client requests. You can also access back office data offline remotely. Another plus point is scalability for multiple applications and high transaction volumes. With secure back office data visibility for invoice history, credit status and sales orders, there is nothing to worry about.

What other features and benefits of Sage CRM Integration can you enjoy?

Sage Integration allows for work to be done both offline and online and what’s more, it is highly customisable. It can work with Advanced or Standard Sage CRM versions, which makes it a good choice for any kind of integration, basic, middle or even third-party. Sage integration uses a “smart link” approach for connecting data of two different systems, for example, Supplier Account or Account details in Sage 200 and Sage CRM. The modification in any one of the applications are flagged and synchronised during the next cycle.

When new supplier or client accounts are edited or created, they automatically synchronise with the back office application. Without having to use any accounting module, accounting details can be viewed through the Info Portal in Sage CRM. The portal provides drill down abilities and access to open sales orders, client details and invoice history. You can also view accounting data through the portal remotely and while being offline. Submitting a sales order for back office accounting system processing during the forthcoming synchronisation cycle is also possible.

You can use Sage 200 integration for uploading price lists and product details. If you think that the current Sage integration module cannot fulfil your requirements fully, just customise it accordingly to include the special features you want. They can work with your current Business Partners’ add-ons.

If you would like to integrate your website with Sage 200 or Sage 50 systems contact Adeo Group specialists and see how we can help.

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