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Based on the proven success of blogging as an industry and a platform, more and more companies are entering the space to promote their products and services. A blog can be a major investment for you, especially if you are self-employed or a small team.  However, the SEO benefits can make it worth the effort. By adding more content, you can gain search engine results page (SERP) real estate to help propel your website up the ranks with the only cost being a little of your time.


How much

A blog is a great way of expanding your content bit by bit. Your post doesn’t need to be a novel. They can be created with a few paragraphs and some great infographics. In fact, content with images get 94% more views! Aim to write as much as possible, and if it’s looking too long, you might even be able to split it into two posts.


How often

There is no magic frequency for how often you should blog.  One quality post tops 10 that are poorly written. For SEO, Google ranks posts based on how often they are read, linked to and how long the user stays on that particular page.


What do I write

To begin with, thinking of content may be a struggle, but once you start listing keywords related to your business or products, its easy! Here’s a few topics to get you going:


1. Lists

Whether this be hints and tips, processes, favourites etc, lists are a great way to give loads of information in a concise manner. 43% of consumers skim blog content so keeping your blog succinct gives them information quickly.


2. Company Updates

This is where you can shout about yourselves. Hired a new employee? Won an award? Signed up to a trade show? These are all blog worthy updates!


3. Industry News

You can create a blog with anything from new technology, discoveries or “in the news” stories about your industry.


4. Client based content

Share your expertise in the wider area of your business. If you’re a restaurant, try sharing your chef’s favourite recipes. Or as a dentist, blog about the benefits of flossing. This is what we call inbound marketing, by sharing advice on a given topic, you can benefit from people coming to your website to seek answers and bringing the people to your product.


5. FAQ’s

Use your feedback channels to find what your customers ask most often and use this in a post. Your content is there to help readers learn more about your business


Blogs make great shareable content. Even if your customers don’t read your blog every week, they still follow your brand on social media. Once you have a library of blogs, you’ll never be short of material for your channels and newsletter!


If this all sounds great but you don’t think you have the time, we’re here to help! We have all the resources available to create amazing content for your website, blogs and social channels. Get in touch with our ever so friendly team for a chat or just to say hi!

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