Why Mobile Responsive Design is in Demand? Importance of Mobile Responsive Website

320 x 214When Google made the announcement that it was making new changes to its search engine algorithm, the impetus behind the decision was to boost mobile search capability rankings. Search engine retention aside, businesses are following suit. Mobile first strategies in Web responsive design are at the forefront of every Web developer and designers’ project management strategy.

Why Mobile Responsive Design is so popular at the moment?

Mobile responsive design as a priority when building a website places emphasis on the values and usability of mobile over traditional website capabilities. What comes out of it is an optimal viewing engagement across devices. With mobile first web strategies, cross-portability is enhanced, so that content and site navigation are automatically deployed.

User functionality is the key objective in any mobile first Web design. UX designers acknowledge that user discomfort with low functionality in mobile is what has driven the innovation of mobile first strategies. Site navigation is an area where websites were streamlined to accommodate mobile interface. Hence, most mobile ready websites do not contain drop downs and other encumbering features. It would be just be too much to ask of users to wait for sites to respond.

Concise content is the mark of a mobile first site. Users do not have to negotiate dense text, increasing the probability that there will be return visitors, and higher conversion rates at point-o-sale. The fact that desktop user interface is larger in scale, means that the focus must be fine tuning administration processes as well. Mobile first design solves some of the main problems in the development and maintenance of sites.

What is Google’s Response to Mobile?

Beginning 21 April 2015, Google will be introducing mobile features to standard searches. There will also be a mobile apps ranking in the search giant’s App Index available to signed-in users. Websites ranked “mobile friendly” will find their assets performing higher in search rankings, so that users have access to the best quality sites for their mobile devices. A mobile friendly website will have access to the Mobile Usability Reporting and testing tools to enhance competitiveness.

How can Adeo Group help you?

If your website is not mobile responsive yet our team can help you to make it mobile friendly. We have been designing websites for over a decade and have a lot of experience in building RWD websites. We can offer you a variety of options depending on the size and requirements of your business. Contact our web design and development specialists in Glasgow, London and Newcastle.

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