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Adeo Group has been working in the web design and development industry for over a decade. A director of the company Gordon Higgins said: ‘we started over 10 years ago as graphic designers, but around 2007 we moved into web design. Our team has developed a powerful in-house content management system and ecommerce platform, and changed the direction of the company completely’.

Now, Adeo Group is a market leading web design and development agency that builds bespoke ecommerce websites, online shops and Sage integrated sites.
Adeo Group is partnering with UK Fast, which is one of the most secure cloud hosting companies in the UK. You can read a short case study about the benefits of the partnership and the advantages to your own business when you work with Adeo Group.

Contact us today whether your business is in Glasgow, Newcastle, London or Dubai. We have experience in working with a wide range of international clients and local SMES.

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    Nothing seemed to be a problem for Adeo and the team we work with are always supportive and swift to respond to any requests.

    - Scott McEwan, Chief Executive, Boston Networks

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