Why Responsive Web Design?

As more and more people are now turning to smartphones and tablet devices, the need for mobile-friendly websites increases. If search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor in a particular marketing strategy, it is essential to ensure that a website is mobile-friendly. Mobile Internet will eventually overtake desktop Internet, so whether to choose a responsive website or having a separate mobile website is a critical decision. The best options depend on a number of factors; the website’s purpose, target audience, and whether SEO is an important factor.

The benefits of responsive web design 

Responsive websites have only one URL and use the same HTML code, regardless of the device. This makes it easier and more efficient for a search engine to find, index, and organize content. A separate mobile website will have a different URL with different HTML code than its desktop counterpart. This means that a search engine has to find and index different versions of the same website. Also, a responsive website keeps all web-content on just one website at one URL, so it is easier for users to use, share, and link to content. Also, responsive websites provide a much better user-experience across numerous devices and screen sizes. This is an important because it is not possible to anticipate all the devices and screen sizes that Internet users will use to access a website. As Google is now placing user-experience as an important ranking factor, it is essential to take user experience into account regarding SEO and getting a website to perform well in search results. In addition, having both a desktop and a mobile website requires having separate SEO strategies. This is a key advantage for responsive websites as they only require one SEO strategy for one website. There are some benefits to having a separate mobile SEO strategy, such as the optimization of keywords that are more likely to be used on a mobile device. However, there’s no reason why mobile-specific keywords cannot be incorporated into a responsive design site as well. Therefore responsive websites provide a far better user-experience across numerous devices and screen sizes. It also makes implementing a SEO strategy far easier and it will be better optimized for Google and their emphasis on user-experience. This is why responsive web design is the best option for a website where SEO is an important factor for its success.

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