The Power of Video: How To Use Video Marketing To Engage Online



Video marketing – you’ve probably heard this term thrown around the board room and in creative strategy meetings, and whether you’re already a pro or in the fake it till you make it camp, we’re here to give you some insight into what it actually is, how it can help you, and why it’s so important.


What is video marketing

It’s pretty much in the name – video marketing consists of creating excellent video content to market your product, drive up sales, engagement and brand awareness, and educate your target audience.


The numbers.

Get ready, because here come some statistics: In the last three years, we’ve seen a massive surge in the demand for video content from brands. A 2018 study by Brightcove found that 53% of consumers engage with a brand after watching their video content on social media. This number is even higher among millennials with 66% of the generation agreeing that they will engage with a brand after watching their videos. AND 72% of people prefer to learn about a service or product via video rather than a text description.

Now, the average consumer watches an hour and a half of online video content per day, with 15% of people watching over three hours. Is this healthy? Probably not. Is it good for business? Oh, yes.

This golden hour and a half where people are watching online video content is primetime for your marketing – if your video content is good looking, authentic, and short and sweet, your target audience is likely to happily sit and watch it.


What does this mean for my business?

In short: get on board.

You can use video marketing to showcase a new product, to create a brand image or tone of voice, get social shares and explain a service – and these are just some of the benefits. More and more businesses are realising and profiting from the power of video marketing. You’ll be hard pressed to find a successful company today that doesn’t have a detailed video marketing strategy in play which is already bringing in quality business.

So, if you haven’t already, we’d say its high time to get going on some ideas to make sure your brand isn’t left behind in an eclipse of video marketing.


What does this have to do with ADEO?

In short: we’re already on board.

ADEO is different from other digital agencies because we have a dedicated in-house videography department who work alongside our Google accredited marketers to create that good looking, authentic, short and sweet video content for our clients – and it’s all in the ADEO package. Take a gander 👇


We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet – scratch that, we DO mean to blow our own trumpet, because our video marketing is facilitating larger social following, increased brand awareness and most importantly, more sales for our clients.

Marketing tactics are changing at tilt speed these days, which is why our marketing and videography teams are always learning and staying educated about the newest and best ways to connect with consumers.

Take YouTube marketing for example – the popular site has over a billion users who are increasingly spending more and more time watching on that platform. So naturally, we’ve tapped into this resource to showcase excellent video content, market paid campaigns, bump up our SEO (that’s search engine optimisation if you’re in the fake it till you make it camp) and get our clients more organic views.

We always have our ears to the ground to make sure we’re at the forefront of new marketing techniques, not just keeping up with them.

Call us today to chat with one of our ADEO Groupies about what our video marketing team can do for you and your brand.

*Wyzowl: 2018 State of Video Marketing Survey

*Brightcove: 2018 Video Marketing Survey

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I would definitely recommend Adeo for a high quality and professional service, and for those looking to really take their website to the next level!

- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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