Why You Should Be Focusing On Page Speed To Generate More Leads?

How to Improve Page Speed for More Traffic

How to Improve Page Speed for More Traffic





With more than 60% of people accessing business websites through their mobile phones, page speed is crucial. Not just for the mobile screens, but through desktops and PCs as well. It is very crucial for your business online to keep the traffic flowing and engaging. If a visitor faces a slow-loading webpage or lagging website speed, it is most likely that you won’t achieve your leads target. Here’s how you can boost your website’s speed;


  1. Your Web Hosting Can Change The Speed Game For Your Business;

A low budget web hosting can cost you a lot of your real-time business leads. Do not compromise on the quality of your business’ digital outlook just because you want to save some bucks.  Any web hosting can make your website work, but the slow speed will easily cost you more than you can imagine in terms of traffic and potential sales. So getting a well-reputed Web hosting is the key.


  1. HTTPS Calls Cluttering Could be Your Worst Nightmare:

The more Https calls on your website; the more chances are that your website will slow down. When more HTTP calls are involved, and the website is being operated via different remote servers, it drastically affects the website speed. You can merge together the Java files and CSS files into one file individually, avoid unnecessary plugins, make use of sprites for images etc. for improving the speed of your website.


  1. Never Ditch The Trailing Slash:

Removing the trailing slash on external links via link building can increase the speed of your website. Link building helps build your website speed. If you cut short these trailing slash, it creates an extra step for the servers to redirect your website which affects the website speed.


  1. Compression Makes the Job Easier:

GZIP compression allows you to download the CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc. files much faster, which increases the chances of your website to load faster as most of the browsers support GZIP files decompressing.


  1. Media Content Optimisation:

Optimising the heavy media files like images and videos can considerably improve your website speed, and it really helps keep your traffic intact. JPG images, HTML containing images, GIFs an MP4 format videos are best supported by browsers, and hence they load fast.


Website speed is crucial when it comes to generating leads and staying ahead of the marketing game in the ruthless digital world. One wrong move, and it could cost you the whole reputation of your business. Getting on board with experts is the most worthy investment that you can make for your business online. ADEO, a digital agency Glasgow, London, provides you with this expertise. We offer a multiplex of services ranging SEO, PPC management, website development and social media marketing services. We have earned the trust of our clients through the dedicated work done by our very professional team, and we take complete pride in that. Our customers have made us what we are today. You can also reach us today by making an appointment today.

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