Why Every Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy!

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Considering the ever increasing number of mobile gadget and PC users who digest online content daily, it’s an indisputable fact that digital marketing is the future of advertising and marketing. More and more consumers utilise the Internet for performing research, reading reviews and even purchasing products and services online. So whether you’ve got a small, medium or large business, it only seems wise that you should invest your time, energy and a bit of money for digital marketing.

As with any enterprise, it wouldn’t be successful or yield good results without a well-organised, well-defined strategy. According to TFM&A and Smart Insights findings, only over 30 percent of businesses have incorporated their digital marketing plan into their overall marketing plans. An estimate of 50 percent are said to be without any well-defined strategy.

Here are some reasons why every business needs a digital marketing plan:


Impact of the digital revolution

The beauty of the Internet is that it widens your prospects while narrowing your focus on your marketing initiatives simultaneously. Not only can you reach a much broader audience without time zone and geographical limits but also target your efforts on those who seek to learn more about the services or products you offer. Another wonderful aspect of the Internet is that you get to pick from a broad range of techniques and tools to reach out to your current or potential customers.

Implementing a well defined plan, objectives and mission statement.

A well-defined, well-organised plan combined with clear mission statement and objectives might give your business an edge over your competitors. Also, you don’t waste precious time, energy, money and resources using inappropriate forms of marketing channels. Examples of marketing channels are social media marketing and PPC advertising. By implementing a well-defined and well-organised plan with the relevant resources, your business might dominate the digital world. Also, you’ll be better able to respond whatever changes that happen in the digital world. When it comes to setting proper objectives for your business, utilise the S.M.A.R.T criteria.

Recognising your business’ unique brand value.

Another important aspect about your business is to recognise its unique brand value and conveying this value to your current or potential customers.

Integrated marketing

Many businesses separate their traditional marketing plans from their digital ones. For an effective and more comprehensive marketing plan, integrating both your digital and offline marketing plans would be best. Doing so would mean that you would be able to gauge the effectiveness of your overall marketing plans in relation to your business objectives.

Optimising your digital marketing

By using tools like Google Analytics, you can obtain the relevant data for analysing the performance of your digital marketing efforts. Continual improvement of your efforts would give your business an edge your competitors.

Keeping up with changing times

One of the major reasons why brands like Tesco and Amazon are still doing very well on the online market is due to their fast response to the ever changing digital marketing trends.


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