Windows 10: A Universal Solution for the Average Consumer?

Windows 10: A Universal Solution for the Average Consumer?

Microsoft have unabashedly shoved aside number nine, and hopped straight to the tenth version of the world’s best-known operating system. Perhaps it is a deliberate move to distance themselves from what some know as the troublesome and awkward affair that was Windows 8. Others believe the name choice is to do with coding confusion with 95 and 98, whilst another group argue that due to the large presence Microsoft has in Japan it was best to avoid the number nine, which is unlucky in Japanese culture.

So, What’s New With Windows 10?

Regardless of its name, Windows 10 has made a splash, with around 50 million devices now running it. The main, key improvement is that version 10 is significantly more user-friendly than 8, bringing back dependable features that were inexplicably absent on the last system design. What many people have been particularly happy to hear about is the return of the classic Windows start menu.

A search box is also integrated into the task bar, making looking for things significantly easier than it was before. Finding particular files is also extremely simple thanks to the invigorated “File Explorer” function – where you can pin/unpin any folders you like. The app menu hasn’t gone forever eithe. Instead it now pops up alongside the start menu for maximum convenience, and mercifully no longer feels like the irritating obstacle it did in version eight.

A Multi-Platform Universal Operating System

Whilst the team at Microsoft appear to have held their hands up and acknowledged the removal of important features, the latest version of this operating system can’t simply be considered a throwback to the days of old. In fact, it’s considerably more advanced than previous systems and represents a step forward in terms of technological prowess.

Microsoft are branding the latest version as “universal”. What this means is that it can be installed and used on a wide variety of electronic appliances – not just on desktop PCs or laptops. This variety of appliances include tablets, smartphones, and even gaming consoles like Xbox. There’s also a feature known as continuum included, which allows users to switch between PC mode and tablet mode at the click of a button.

New multimedia apps are also included in the new system, simply named “Music” and “Movies & TV”. These are easy to use and are both connected to the Microsoft Store to allow you to purchase fresh content for download quickly and simply. The system has been widely described as being suitable for the ‘average consumer’ which has disgruntled some tech-savvy Windows fans, but ultimately makes sense for targeting a wide audience of varying technical competencies around the globe.

It’s unfortunate that Office doesn’t come as part of the system, but chances are that you will have already purchased a bundle and can transfer your existing Office programs onto 10 without encountering too much trouble.

Cortana Makes the Jump

The latest version of this operating system also incorporates features that you’d ordinarily find on Windows phones – such as the personal technology assistant known as Cortana. You can simply type a question in the “ask” bar, and she will help. This is pretty useful, especially when you’re initially feeling your way around the system. As you become more confident it is easy to use Cortana to do things like set yourself reminders and obtain directions to a certain place.

Windows 10 is easy to use but perhaps the most exciting facet is the fact that it is ripe for upgrades. Microsoft have plans to continue to make gradual improvements to the system over time, soothing the pain of the technological teething problems and creating the world’s most advanced and capable operating system for the average consumer.

If you currently use version 7 or 8 as an operating system, upgrading to version 10, for now, is absolutely free.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10? If you’re a technical expert or consider yourself the “average consumer” we’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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