World Cup 2014

shutterstock_171571829Tablets, smartphones and social media are not only transforming the way people view football, they are giving fans more access to the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Ofcom estimates that the amount of spectators tuning into the World Cup, will double that of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. 4G mobile, WiFi hotspots, smartphone and tablet devices have allowed for greater mobility and accessibility, meaning fans can tune into games and scores, wherever they are, and whenever the mood takes them.

Smartphone and tablet viewings

According to Ofcom, smartphones and tablet devices will lead to an increase in the number of fans watching the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Ofcom announced that figures are set to double to 62 percent, in comparison to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where 32 percent of fans viewed games. Fans can now tune into the football matches and keep up to date with scores, while they are at work or during lunch breaks, from tablets and smartphones. 5pm matches can be viewed while commuting from work, thanks to the new 4G technology and widespread WiFi hotspot locations.

Brazil 2014 and online views

The Apple iPad launched in 2010, just before the South African FIFA World Cup. However, in 2014, around 30 percent of people are using their tablets online, which will reflect in the amount of views the Brazil 2014 World Cup will receive. Many fans can now watch late games, kicking off at 11pm, while in bed, via tablets.

Social media posts and tweets

Social media will also play an integral role in the way viewers engage with the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Up to date posts and tweets will add to the excitement and interest of viewers, who will be able to stay informed of all the action, as it happens. FIFA have also launched their new Instagram account, where it will be posting photographs for international football fans to enjoy. This social media site is popular with users ranging from 16 to 24 years old. In view of Ofcom’s research, FIFA’s Instagram page will attract this younger group of fans.

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