Your Social Media Calendar: November 2015

november 15 social media planDo you run social media accounts for your business but sometimes run out of ideas for what to post?

If you run a small business then it is unlikely you will have the resources to employ a digital team to run your social media channels. Instead, it is more likely you will have to run these channels yourself.

For many small business owners marketing, especially online, comes bottom of a long list of tasks. Many spend just hour or so at the start of the week, or month, scheduling some posts, or log in as and when they can.

However sometimes it can be difficult to know what to post without just constantly linking your homepage. Thinking of ideas wastes valuable time you could be expending elsewhere. Not productive!

The Key to Great Social Media Marketing

The key to great social is to tap into what it is happening in the moment to promote engagement. Creating timely and relevant posts will break up your mundane promotional posts which over time become white noise to your customers. With a little bit of planning and creativity you can use what’s going on in the world to promote your business.

We would always advise business owners to plan their social media ahead of time. It’s as simple as getting a calendar and jotting down the content and posts you are going to share so you can achieve a balance of self promotion and engagement.

Spending a couple of hours at the start of the month doing this will make you more efficient as all you will need to do is check the calendar log in and type up your post, or if you’re a bit more fancy you can use scheduling software to pre-schedule posts for the month.

So, with just over a week of October left, it’s time to get your November calendar out and start planning your marketing efforts for next month. We’ve listed some of the key things happening in November with some ideas of how you could incorporate them into your social media plan. Why not use some of these as inspiration and take the first step to upping your social media game?

November Events You Can Use in Your Business’s Marketing / Social Media Strategy


In November many people have started preparing for Christmas. It can be a great idea to use early-bird Christmas offers if you run an Ecommerce store or showcase your Christmas picks or promotions.

According to research by Yesmail Interative, over 38% of people begin their Christmas shopping before November which jumps to over 69% beginning before December 1st. In total over 70% of shoppers are thinking about Christmas presents in the three months (September, October, November) running up to Christmas.


National Adoption Awareness Month


Movember raises awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. Many businesses partake in Movember every year and post updates of their male staff’s progress throughout the month. This is also a great opportunity to do your business’s bit for charity.

NANOWRIMO: National Novel Writing Month

NANOWRIMO sets people the challenge of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30th. Perhaps your business could run the challenge between staff and publish parts of the novels at the end?


2nd – 6th: National Spa Week

Your business could run a competition to win a spa day to coincide with National Spa Week.

15th – 21st: Enterprise week

16th – 20th: Social Media Week


3rd: National Sandwich Day

4th: National Stress Awareness Day

Your business could post photos of your team members doing meditation or yoga. This will show that your business thinks employee health and well-being is important.

5th: Guy Fawkes Day

11th: Armistice Day

11th: Diwali

13th: World Kindness Day

21st: World Hello Day

World Hello Day promotes the idea that you should greet ten people to demonstrate the importance of personal communication for preserving peace. Your business could greet ten businesses or followers online, perhaps offering a discount code.

26th: Thanksgiving (America)

30th: November: St Andrews Day

Can you think of any more ideas? If so, leave them in the comments or tweet us @adeogroup.

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